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Ramadan start. [Muslims want to should know the people around ...

The Ramadan - Kotobanku Ramadan began from the month and day. Even without colleagues and Tomodachigai of Muslims, or would not be a good opportunity to learn about Islamic customs. Fasting of Yakukatsuki is intended to celebrate the revelation of the God of the Koran to the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims are devoted to the practice of self-restraint introspective this time. So, those who are not Muslims, or will be able to consider how to Muslims? This time, TIPS and was taught from people who are working on Ramadan, will introduce the fact that I want you to need to know as a person is not a Muslim. First, let's teach you the basic rules of Ramadan first. Islamic calendar of the month (Editor's Note: 0 years month - month and day), during the period from sunrise to sunset does not make a lot of Muslim food. A kind of religious training, closer to God, is the purpose is to strengthen the solidarity between Islam. In Ramadan, it contains a meal of fasting and night of celebration during the day. Because the food and our lives in the inseparable relationship, it may be troublesome.

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