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The Ramadan - Kotobanku Basis for Ramadan knowledge Q & A Q: Ramadan to commemorate what event? Revelation of the Koran (Muslim holy book) The birth of the Prophet Muhammad Moved from Mecca by the Prophet Muhammad (maximum of the Holy Land Islam) to Medina (the first of the Holy Land of Islam) A: The answer is [revelation of the Koran (Muslim holy book).]. Ramadan for Muslims around the world, will be the most sacred period. IDPs of the family to take a Ramadan before a meal in Iraq camp Q: The Ramadan fasting lasts many hours? From the morning until the evening From sunrise to sunset Different by the local mosque (place of worship) A: The answer is [from sunrise to sunset.]. During this time, I do not drink at all also not food only water, you take the meal with a volume called "Sufuru (Suhur)" before dawn.

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