The Ramadan - Kotobanku

Islam [Ramadan] is due to the influence fasting give to ...

The Ramadan - Kotobanku Month and day, was finished this year of [Ramadan]. Ramadan is known as the month to perform the fasting of Islam, was from month this year to date. As it is well known, during the Ramadan period, without the food and drink over the sunset from the sunrise, not swallow even saliva for some people. During the Ramadan period is supposed to send the religiously strict living, eating and drinking well, fights and bad things, are prohibited up to that harbor smoking and sexual desire (strictly limited during the day). Bangladeshi graduate student of Muslims are studying in Japan, which had to eat without resistance beef if usually, only during Ramadan eat is called the [halal], meat that has been treated on passing through the religious procedures a very much, it has been struggling in its availability. In addition, the [exposure of the skin there are many Japanese women are struggling so that it does not enter the eye], who confided. Fasting during this Ramadan is, we would like to introduce about the impact on health.

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