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The fasting of Ramadan - dokidoki!

The Ramadan - Kotobanku Law = obligation (Wajibu) Al-Baqarah ((O ye who believe, fasting ye have been established as the previously established who you were. Perhaps ye will fear the Lord.)) Only cow chapter ((month of Ramadan, as the guidance of mankind, also is a lead (the month in which Kuruara has been made as clear proof of the right and wrong of) identification. So among you, this month (in the house) are those who during this month, must be fasting.)) Hadith ((not. God except Allah holds on the Islamic Hatsu things, Muhammad able to confess that it is Allah's messenger, to stand in worship, to issue a zakat, the month of Ramadan fasting, by pilgrimage is there.)) Hadith ((A man asked the Prophet. [It is Ramadan month of fasting.] The Prophet said. [I use only Allah, what is it? I to have been mandatory in the fasting] [it have you?] [No something other than, you do not have. but only there is an optional fasting.] and.)) When it was the duty from? Is the obligation to Sherborne date eyes of the Hejira year.

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