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The Ramadan - Kotobanku The Ramadan? The Ramadan, is the nickname of the second of the month in the Islamic calendar. So that there is a lunar calendar in Japan, he Islam also has its own calendar. For the heathen, [months fasting] whether the concept was too only shock that, often see the case of Ramadan = such as the fasting month and have been translated in Japanese. But Ramadan's not just fasting. Islamic scriptures, in the [Koran], are written with the case [fasting] rather than fasting. [Fasting] and means [to avoid modesty]. What to avoid refrain. Not drink from sunrise to sunset, that do not eat (fasting) Avoid sexual activity in even between husband and wife the day Do not say bad things about others Do not smoke And the like that such as. Fasting is only part of fasting, fasting is he not all of Ramadan. 00 years of Ramadan is when? Ramadan 0 years, it started from the front and back date. Islamic calendar, day shorter than the solar calendar. So, if you want to know the Ramadan start date, it may be subtracted from the date the previous year's Ramadan start date.

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