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The Ramadan - Kotobanku Fasting month to strengthen yourself Important months for the Muslims came. It is Ramadan (0 year to date from date). Yakuka month of the Islamic calendar month and Ramadan, until the day sink from ascended is, thing of the fasting month not to water and food to any opening. Egypt born wrestler, welcome Ramadan in the Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya place starting from the date also large sandstorm. For wrestlers of physical fitness game, Ramadan may seem harsh tradition, large sandstorm has been also continue to challenge the limits of patience until now. Habit of important Muslims for Ramadan is to understand the poor people of feelings that do not decent to take daily meals. That gratitude is born naturally. In everyday life, carelessly or angry with others, but sometimes or lied, during Ramadan aware suppress such feelings, Muslims and is a chance to fix the usual bad habit is captured . Ramadan is not only cut off the food and drink, holding the desire, it is to train the will, to strengthen yourself.

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