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The Ramadan - Kotobanku Now, in the Islamic calendar it is the midst of the fasting month (month, Ramadan). Since this calendar is a pure lunar calendar of the average year date, we will repeat up each year days Compared to the solar calendar of the average year date. This year, starts from 0 days month of the year, is scheduled to end in the month and day. Dare I wrote and planned, because it must determine with the naked eye the appearance of the moon. Is the western sky look up. There to make sure the new moon, is to be released for the first time from fasting. And the festival of fast-Fitr that e Gandolfi title will be carried out. In celebration such as the New Year for the Muslims, authorities nor will also be all holiday shopping school. People family, such as relatives, Luggage meal all together out, and continued in Egypt days. The beginning of Ramadan will also be determined by the new moon. But what about that is when the moon in the cloudy and rain is hidden. If this is the case will be the fasting month from the day following the scheduled date.

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